people who
are hungry


people affected
by malnutrition


children affected
by malnutrition


nutritional Centers in Africa,
Asia and South America

One Meal a Day started in 1985, when Father Oreste Benzi, in Zambia, realised that – to guarantee one meal a day to a malnourished person – all you needed was 10000 Lire (15 euro) a month.

Today we are present in 40 of the poorest countries worldwide. Here, every day, we live side by side with those who are totally unwanted, excluded and abandoned: street children, malnourished babies, persons suffering from disabilities, sometimes very serious, homeless, men and women victims of alcohol or drug addiction, elderly people on their own, very poor families.

To each of them we guarantee one meal a day, every day. We do not stop here, though. By living together, eating at the same table, we manage to create relationships based on trust, affection and partnership, but never on dependency; all of this is essential in order to restore the right to health, education and employment

Right to a healthy diet

  • distribution of meals and groceries in canteens and feeding projects
  • specialised health care in nutrition centres for undernourished and starving children
  • training for families about breast-feeding, weaning, complementary nutrition and the nutritional value of food
  • control and monitoring through house calls on a regular basis

Right to health

  • prevention, training and awareness raising as regards health and hygiene standards
  • economic support for medical expenses, delivery of medication, medical tests and specialised visits free of charge
  • specialised health services free of charge (physiotherapy, support for people with psychiatric problems and suffering from disabilities)
  • reception at treatment facilities specialised in the rehabilitation of persons suffering from substance abuse

Right to employment

  • professional training specific, according to local requirements and demand
  • job induction and specialised training for persons with disabilities
  • microcredit projects to support small-sized agricultural, farming or business enterprises.

Right to education

  • support for school expenses, and supply of school materials (books, uniforms, etc..)
  • educational support free of charge for street children and teenagers or those from families in need, working with local school authorities
  • tailored educational and university support

One Meal a Day is every day: you can still change the life of those who have nothing.