In 1985, the Community Pope John XXIII opened its first nutrition centre abroad, when Father Oreste made a commitment to raise the necessary funds to give at least one meal a day to children and adults who visited the nutrition centre in Ndola.

The support received by One Meal a Day, over the years, has made it possible to intervene and take care of the many people worldwide who have nothing, and to guarantee the necessary support not only to nutrition centres but also to emergency reception centres, Bethlehem Huts, family homes, soup kitchens in Italy and abroad.

One Meal a Day, alongside Family Homes, is the most robust and distinctive initiative by the Community, combining the two primary and most widespread needs to be met: food and shelter.
The Community Pope John XXIII, over the years, has always been focusing its services on individual dignity which means more than merely a chance to survive: no longer suffering from hunger is just the first step.
One Meal a Day is not only about feeding on a regular basis those who have nothing; it also involves the possibility of staying healthy, receiving an education, finding a job. As a matter of fact, One Meal a Day also includes those projects where nutrition and the certainty of having enough to eat are a contact and starting point.
This commitment on our part will continue until the last will be first.


guaranteed meals every year


Countries worldwide.


Reception facilities


Canteens and Nutrition Centres worldwide.


Bethlehem Huts*

*Shelters for homeless persons

One Meal a Day is every day: you can still change the life of those who have nothing.