People who suffer because they are alone and marginalised are not strangers: they are brothers.
Italians who have lost their job and live on the street, refugees fleeing war and poverty, looking for shelter, malnourished children at risk of starvation in the poorest countries of the world.

For each of them we wish to restore the possibility of a dignified life and of building a future worthy of that name.

We start by responding to the most elementary need: food, although we are aware that this is just a start. In order to help concretely, an all-round service provision is necessary: nutrition and health care – essential in emergencies – need to be complemented by school and job training, as well as by micro-credit projects.

Only in this way will it be possible to remove the causes leading to poverty and injustice, thus restoring fundamental rights to the poorest and most vulnerable individuals.

Change comes from all of us: everyone can be part of it every day.

One Meal a Day is every day: you can still change the life of those who have nothing.